about us

how it all began,

They say that fate and faith happen all the time.  I know this to be true because it happened to me.  After an unsuccessful run owning and operating a restaurant, I thought I would be done.  Tired and greatly disappointed I decided to never get involved in the food business again.  It didn’t take me long to get back into my advertising and marketing business.  As you can see that didn’t last long.  I’m back!

The reason why I mentioned earlier about fate and faith well it happened to be fate to overhear a conversation between a server and customer.  Her comment to her server:  “It sure would be nice to go into a cafe with a menu that serves more healthier options then these”.   She was pointing to the menu.  As I scanned the menu, I realized she was right; there were only 3 options on the menu dedicated to healthier eating.   From then on I always checked on the healthy options section with every restaurant I visited.  And I was surprised that it was so limited.  There really weren’t a lot of restaurants out there that provided an abundance of healthier options; after all there really wasn’t a lot of health conscience customers.  I don’t know why that comment stayed with me.  But it did for nearly 8 months.  My business had already closed and I was waiting out my lease to end and in the meantime selling my business.  I had even started to sell some of my furniture and misc. items.  At the same time her comment kept nagging at me.

Well, It was faith that got me resigning my lease, working on a new plan with a new concept.  Now all I had to do was create a menu.  I knew for the most part it had to be a menu that my husband and I was willing to eat, not just once but often.    I started out small, just a couple of items I put together and really liked.  I worked on each recipe personally, chose all the ingredients and made sure that I was creating a menu that not only was a healthier version but rather a much tastier one.  And it took off.  It started off with just family and friends, and they started spreading the word.  I can truly say that the Brown Bag was created by a woman, nurtured by women and powered by women.  Most of my customers at the Brown Bag are women.

I am always asked how my menu came about and my reply is the same, it just kind of happened.  Food had become my life.  I would eat something or think of something and my thoughts would always be, I wonder what it would taste like if I added this, or replace an ingredient with this, and so on and so on.  On a daily basis, I think of food.  I truly enjoy food, the art of creating it and most especially eating it.  I am a true foodie.  Its tough creating a healthier menu on Guam especially when the options are limited, costly and inconsistent.  I put my faith in what I have created, the suppliers that provide my ingredients and my customers who buy it.

My customers are my biggest advocates and my greatest advertising team. In April of 2015, we will be celebrating 16 years of opening our doors to a healthier dining experience.  We have moved to a much better location in the Julale Shopping Center in the heart of Hagatna.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers, our family and friends and most especially my dedicated staff +NORA, LORENSA, MAY, RINA, KAYLA and TEREA whose dedication and hard work are bar none.

For you,  we continue on . . . .