FRENCH TOASTWhole roman meal bread dipped in egg
batter and lightly fried. Served with a
dab of butter and light syrup
OAT WAFFLEWaffles made with ground oats and flax meal. Served with a dab of butter and syrup.$5.95
OMELETTE2 eggs stuffed with a choice of ham, turkey bacon or
tofu, assorted veggies and cheese and
served with toast
BREAKFAST WRAP2 eggs scrambled with a choice of ham, turkey bacon
or tofu, assorted veggies and cheese
wrapped with a choice of spinach tortilla
or seaweed
EGGS AND SIDES2 eggs fried or scrambled, choice of
turkey bacon, ham or tofu served with toast
BREAKFAST RICEBrown rice fried with a choice of
ham, turkey bacon or tofu, assorted veggies and
topped with 1 egg fried or scrambled
ACAI BOWL! Our version... its pretty much a meal!3 scoops of Acai Roots, topped with our very own house made Granola, diced fresh mangoes, fresh bananas, raw pumpkin seeds, raw sunflower seeds and chia seeds. It's so good that we sell a lot of this daily! Warning: You may get addicted!$9.95
OATMEALOld Fashioned Oats served with
steamed milk and honey, topped with fruit of the day and cranrasins


MANGO SALAD: I created this salad based on my love of Mangoes. Continues to this day to be our best seller.Crisp romaine, mangoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, pecans, cranraisins and feta cheese. Dressing: House made Raspberry Vinaigrette$10.95
THAI SALAD ROLL: Inspired by my friend Lek at her restaurant created in the Brown Bag tradition. Choice of Chicken or TofuRice Paper Roll stuffed with a choice of Chicken or Tofu, slivered carrots, cucumbers,bean sprouts and fresh mango. Dressing: House made Thai Peanut Sauce. 2 pcs.$8.95

DAN’S SOBA SALAD: Named after my husband who inspired me to create this for him.Seared Tofu, buckwheat noodles, romaine, grilled eggplant, carrots, cucumbers, topped with Furakaki and served with our house made Japanese Vinaigrette$12.95
GINGER CHICKEN or TOFU: I created this salad when I wasn't feeling well and really wanted something gingery. This vinaigrette is very refreshing! Must Love Ginger..Chunks of cubed Chicken Breast or Tofu, cucumbers,served with our house made Ginger Vinaigrette. Make it Vegan with Tofu$9.95
TUNA SALAD: A classic tuna salad now served with our very own Miso Vinaigrette.Crisp Romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes and a scoop of tuna lightly coated in Mayo served with our Miso Vinaigrette$9.95
MAGALAHI SALAD: A healthier version of a classic chef's salad named after Guam's highest ranking title.Romaine, ham, chicken breast, turkey bacon, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers and served with a Balsamic and Olive Oil Dressing$12.95
MONSIGNOR JAMES SALAD: Divine inspiration led me to inadvertently create this salad named after our very own Monsignor James Benevente. Whose love of our Mango Salad and Pesto Pasta. So heavenly good!Exactly like the Mango Salad but topped with Chicken or Tofu Pesto and served with a Raspberry Vinaigrette$12.95
SALAD BAR: 48ozChoose 5 toppings from any of our selected toppings at no extra costs. All others are extra charges. Changes of ingredients depends on availability. $9.95 and up.
Honey Mustard
Balsamic Olive

brown rice

ADOBO RICE: Every one loves adobo. Ours is made with Apple Cider Vinegar and extra garlic!
Choose Chicken or Tofu
Simmered chicken adobo with lots of garlic. We create ours with a smidgen of tomatoes for that extra boost of lycopene. For those looking at a Vegan option, choose Tofu.$10.95
Chicken or Tofu
PASTRAMI THAI RICE: I created this for our friend Bic. He wanted something with a hint of curry. He tops his with one fried egg (egg not included). Substitute Pastrami for Tofu and now you have a Vegan dish.The slight saltiness of pastrami, assorted veggies which includes eggplant blends well with dry Penang Curry. We top this rice dish with hot chilli pepper. $11.95
Pastrami or Tofu
SALMON BLUEBERRY: BEST SELLER!Hungry and craving for salmon, I created this on a fly and the taste was amazing. I put it on the menu and it took off . . . Our best selling brown rice to date! alongside chicken adobo.Cubed Salmon, assorted veggies and dried blueberries.$14.50
MANGO BROWN RICE: My love of mangoes inspired me to put this together. Started this in 2003 and continues to this day.Chunks of Chicken Breast or seared Tofu, diced fresh mangoes, veggies and cranraisins.$10.95
Chicken or Tofu
Great anytime of the day. Diced turkey bacon with assorted veggies sautéed into brown rice and topped with 1 egg scramble
Diced turkey bacon with assorted veggies. You can also opt for tofu as your protein. Topped with 1 egg scrambled or fried.$8.95
Other Options:
Ham or Tofu
HARVEST BLUE BROWN RICE: Created this rice dish for my friends at PETA Philippines. Completely Vegan.Diced tofu, assorted house veggies, sauteed into brown rice with added dried blueberries$10.50
VEGETARIAN RICE SALAD. VEGANDiced tofu, assorted house veggies, sauteed into brown rice and topped with Romaine$10.50


ALL CHEESE: The classic. For kids of all ages.House made marinara sauce topped with Mozzarella.$7.95
PEPPERONI: The classic. For kids of all ages.House made marinara sauce; pepperoni slices and topped with Mozzarella. $8.95
CHICKEN or TOFU SPINACH: One of my favorites. Our best seller.House made marinara sauce topped with your choice of diced Chicken or Tofu, fresh Ppinach and topped with Mozzarella.$10.95
Chicken or Tofu
THE PASTRAMI or TOFU THAI: Created for the guys who frequent the brown bag and want a manly Pizza!House made marinara sauce, sliced, Pastrami or Tofu, dry Penang Curry.
and topped with a blend of cheeses.
Pastrami or Tofu
THE MARGARITA: Italy's classic created our own version . . . the brown bag way.House made marinara sauce, fresh tomatoes, topped with house made Pesto and Mozzarella.$9.50
CHICKEN ADOBO: Chicken adobo pizza and island favorite made into a pizza.Our house made pizza dough topped with our Chicken adobo and Mozzarella.$9.95-Chicken
SALMON PESTO: Diced Salmon coated in Pesto Sauce on top of pizza. Yum!Our classic pizza dough topped with marinara, Salmon, Pesto and Mozzarella.$14.50


MARINARA:House made tomato sauce topped with cheese$7.95
CHICKEN or TOFU MARINARA: Our version of the classic with diced chicken breast.House made tomato sauce, Chicken Breasts or Tofu and topped with cheese$10.50
Chicken or Tofu
CHICKEN or TOFU ADOBO: Pasta adobo . . . sounds funny, but taste good!Our house made chicken or Tofu adobo topped with cheese. Make it
Vegan with Tofu Adobo and No cheese
Chicken or Tofu
THE HARVEST: We throw in whatever veggetable is on hand. Filling and tasty. Make it vegan without the cheese.House made tomato sauce, assorted house veggies and topped with cheese$9.50
CHICKEN or TOFU PESTO PASTA: We make our own pesto minus the nuts. One of our bestsellers. Have it plain, with chicken or tofu.House made basil pesto, topped with your choice of chicken breast or tofu. Make it plain for only $8.50$10.95
Chicken or Tofu
Pesto Only
SALMON PESTO PASTA: Diced salmon burger with our own pesto sauce. This was created by one of our customers. Wanting the Salmon Pesto Pizza and replacing the dough with pasta. Diced seared salmon burger, pesto sauce and topped with our blend of cheeses$14.50


MANGO WRAP: In 2003 we were the first if not one of the first to put fresh mango in our menu lineup. The wrap was created and a hit was made and put us on the map. And the chicken mango wrap was my first creation when we opened our doors. With our house made wasabi mayo sauce, it continues to be our best seller.Choice of Chicken or Tofu, Mangos, romaine and bean sprouts wrapped your choice of Spinach Tortilla, Nori (Seaweed) or Romaine (naked). Served with house made Wasabi Mayo.$10.95
Choice of Chicken or Tofu
TURKEY WRAP:Lean Turkey Breast (Deli Style), cheese, romaine, tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts, wrapped in your choice of Spinach Tortilla, Nori (Seaweed) or Romaine (Naked). Served with house made Honey Mustard Mayo.$8.95
TUNA WRAPTuna Salad, romaine, slivers of carrots and celery and sprouts wrapped in your choice of Spinach Tortilla, Nori (Seaweed) or Romaine (Naked). Served with house made Honey Mustard Mayo$7.95
HAMLean Ham, romaine, cheese, tomatoes and sprouts wrapped in your choice of Spinach Tortilla, Nori (Seaweed) or Romaine (Naked). Served with Honey Mustard Mayo$8.95
SALMON BURGER: Created this to offer the goodness of salmon, partnered with grilled veggies and our ginger mayo. It's become one of our best sellers. Have it wrapped in Nori and reduce your carbs!Grilled Salmon Burger, bell peppers, eggplant, onions, cheese and sprouts wrapped in your choice of Spinach Tortilla, Nori (Seaweed) or Romaine (Naked). Served with Ginger Mayo$14.50
HARVESTAssorted Grilled Vegetables, firm tofu, romaine and sprouts wrapped in your choice of Spinach Tortilla, Nori (Seaweed) or Romaine (Naked). Served with Miso Vinaigrette$8.95
PASTRAMI:Pastrami, provolone cheese, romaine, Cucumbers and sprouts. Wrapped in your choice of Spinach Tortilla, Nori (Seaweed) or Romaine (Naked). Served with house made Honey mustard mayo on the side$9.95


TUNA SANDWICHTuna coated lightly with mayo on a bed of romaine, cucumber and sprouts.$7.50
TURKEY SANDWICHLean Turkey Breasts on a bed or romaine, cheese, cucumbers and topped with sprouts$8.50
PASTRAMILean cut Pastrami on a bed of romaine, cheese, cucumbers and topped with sprouts.$9.50
HAMLean ham on a bed of romaine, cheese, and topped with sprouts$8.50
GRILLED HARVESTGrilled assorted veggies on a bed of romaine, cucumber and topped with sprouts$8.95
ROAST CHICKEN SPINACH SALAD: Roast chicken, coated in our special cream cheese dressing, with fresh spinach. BEST SELLER!Deboned and diced roasted chicken, fresh spinach, cream cheese dressing on a bed of romaine. $9.50
EGG SALAD: Classic egg salad infused with diced carrots and coated in our cream cheese mayo dressing.Diced boiled eggs, diced carrots, romaine and sprouts$7.50
SALMON BURGERGrilled Salmon Burger, layered with grilled eggplant, sweet bells, onions, cheese, kale, romaine and micro-greens. Served with Siracha Mayo. $14.50
PORTABELLO BURGERPortobello Cap grilled with a smidgen of olive oil, layered with grilled eggplant, sweet bell, onions, cheese, kale, romaine and topped with micro-greens. Served with Siracha Mayo.$12.50
BOATGER: With the handcrafted burger craze... decided to create my own. Available only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.Ground Sirloin infused with ground oats and chia seeds house seasoning, grilled and layered with grilled eggplant, sweet bells, onions, kale, romaine, cheese and micro-greens. Served with Siracha Mayo. Served with a wedge of orange to cleanse your palate.$12.50
Only crafted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays


- To blend an extra .50¢
- Add an extra .50¢ for soy milk
FRUIT FREEZE16oz Choice of: Strawberry, Mango, Kiwi, Oranges, Banana, Apples
(some fruits may not be available)
Additional Fruit: $1.00 each
.50 extra to add light milk or soy milk
COFFEE/TEA FREEZE: 16oz Choice of:

Toffee Extreme
White Chocolate

PELLEGRINO (sparkling)$3.50
Triple X
Loaded with nutrients $4.50
$2.00 for Fiji Water
CUCUMBER FREEZE: Absolutely good and refreshing.Fresh cucumbers, cucumber syrup, blended with ice.$5.95
ISLAND HARVEST: Great meal replacement during your detox phaseComprised of: spinach, romaine, celery, carrots, cucumbers, garlic, coconut and spirulina$8.95
WHEATGRASS WITH HONEY. A great drink filled with fiber and amino acids and enzymes. Our 16oz blended drink is equivalent to 1lb of wheatgrass.Ground powdered wheatgrass incorporating its roots with the added benefits of honey. Hydroponic grown$5.95


MACCHIATOEqual parts of espresso and milk foam$3.95
TROPICAL TRIPLEEspresso, Chocolate, Coconut and Milk$4.95
HAZELMANIAEspresso, Chocolate, Hazelnut and milk$4.95
ALMOND MOCHAEspresso, Chocolate, Coconut, Almond and Milk$4.95
BANANA NUT CHINOEspresso, Banana, Hazelnut and Milk$4.95
CARAMELOEspresso, Chocolate, Caramel and Milk$4.95
MOCHAEspresso with Dark Chocolate$4.95
WHITE MOCHAEspresso with White Chocolate$4.95
LATTEEspresso with steamed milk and a dollop of milk foam$4.50
CAPPUCCINOEspresso with equal amounts of steamed milk and milk foam$4.50
AMERICANOEspresso with hot water$2.95
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