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Wednesday, 2 February 2011, 4:32 | Category : Health Tips & Ideas
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Here are some healthy tips that I live by as well as some suggestion from friends in the medical field and things I’ve read.

1.  I drink a glass of room temperature water every morning.  It’s the first thing I take in the morning before anything else.

2.  I take an acidophilus capsules and vitamin supplements every morning.  Hum is my vitamin of choice

3.  I keep myself hydrated.  Sparkling Pellegrino is my soda of choice

4.  I try and avoid  white sugar when possible.  Raw, brown, honey, agave those are my sweetners.  There are times when I will be a wee bit naughty and  sample a small piece of deliciousness.  This is to satisfy my curiosity and taste buds.

5.  When I’m close to full.  I stop eating and start drinking more water.  I never fill my plate with more food then I can consume.

6.  For the most part . . . I choose food that is nice for my body.

7.  A doctor friend told me that moderation is really the key to a good and healthy lifestyle.  I believe that and try to live by it.  I don’t deprive myself and I don’t overindulge.

8.  Any form of exercise feels real good.  Find something fun to do and do it.  I play tennis!

9.  Experts believe that sharing your goals with others is vital to achieving them.

10.  I try to get a good nights sleep every night.  At least 7-8 hours.

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